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If you need guide for a unique and pleasure wellness & fitness satisfaction, Waves is the best place for you. We have Yoga instructors, certified Physiotherapist and Fitness trainers. It s great. You will have outdoor workout and hiking. Contact Us, we will give you fast reply with all informations that you need. Come and meet our team!

Meet our team members


Aris Konstantopoulos

Aris, is the certified head Fitness Instructor and Health Coach. He is the owner of “Free Motion Well-Being Center” in Kalamata. He will guide and tailor all your fitness programs to your needs. He specializes in Strength and Conditioning, Functional Fitness, HIIT training, Fitness programs for overweight people and many more.

Tami Rori

Tami is practicing Yantra Yoga, one of the oldest recorded systems worldwide, originated from Tibet. She will teach you how to coordinate your three dimensions of existence, body, energy and mind, and will make you feel more balanced and free from tension. She will lead you to a more harmonious and relaxed state of mind.



Georgios Georgoulis

Georgios is a certified Physiotherapist, Masseur & Instructor of Thai Yoga Massage certified from the TMC school of Chiang Mai. He will guide you through partner yoga poses and manipulate your body into stretches. He will enhance your energy flow, reduce your stress, minimize headaches and relieve your pain.

Explore Messinia

Explore Messinia is the company which will ensure ,that you will safely enjoy and experience activities, which have been carefully designed. You will have an impeccable time during activities, like the Sea Kayaking, Hiking, river trekking and river rafting.


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