Lousios and Alpheos river have impressive passages of small and moderate degree of difficulty
The intensity goes up in some passages, as well as the mood
Boat handling requires teamwork in and out of water

Time and meeting point

Departure at 8:30 from Kalamata's OSE park next to the basketball court.

Trip duration with breaks

4 hours

Difficulty and Participation requirements

Medium difficulty
Basic physical condition
Age 8 years and above
Able to swim


  • Transfers from Kalamata to Lousios river and back.
  • All necessary local transfers for the operation of the activity
  • English speaking Trekking Hellas Guide
  • All necessary equipment for the operation of the activity
  • Greek traditional picnic lunch
  • Taxes

Don’t forget to bring

  • Swimming suit or second pair of underwear
  • Second pair of shoes that will get wet
  • Towel


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A divine river awaits for you to conquer it!

Lousios river is where Zeus the father of Olympian gods bathed after his birth, according to Pausanias the greek traveler and geographer of the 2nd century AD. A 2nd degree of difficulty rafting descent in the river’s crystal clear waters, inside a spectacular densely vegetated gorge. Discover the hidden natural wonders of the area, starting from Lousios, continuing to Alfios River, and ending to the spectacular bridge of “Koukos”.

The second part starts from the Bridge of Cuckoo where the impressive gorge of Alpheios is located with an exciting 4th degree pass.

The total route is about 15 km. There are many rocks in the river that create passages of 2nd and 3rd degree. The view is breathtaking as we pass by skiites built on vertical cliffs. We end up under the village of Paleokastro.


Lousios - Alfeios

The Lousios (Greek: Λούσιος; Latin: Lusius), also known in antiquity as Gortynius or Gortynios (Ancient Greek: Γορτύνιος), is a river and a gorge in western Arcadia that stretches from Karytaina north to Dimitsana in Greece. The river begins near Lykochori and flows through the Lousios Gorge. The river is treacherous and flows rapidly. It empties into the Alfeios 2.5 km northwest of Karytaina and south of Atsicholos.

According to tradition, the river took its name from Zeus, the father of the Olympian gods, who according to Pausanias washed at its sources after his birth. Pausanias also considered Lousios the coldest river in the known world. The Lousios gorge is also known as the "Mount Athos of the Peloponnese" on account of the many monasteries that dot its walls: the Timiou Prodromou, Philosophou, Aimyalon, Panagias Kalamiou monasteries, and the Church of St. Andrew in Gortys.

Alfeiós (Greek: Αλφειός, also romanized as Alpheus, Alpheios) is the longest river in the Peloponnese, in Greece. The river is 110 kilometres (68 mi) long.

In Greek mythology, the Peneus and Alpheus were two rivers re-routed by Heracles in his fifth labour in order to clean the filth from the Augean Stables in a single day, a task which had been presumed to be impossible. A poem by Roger Caillois, called Le fleuve Alphée (the Alpheus River), is mainly about this river.
In the Aeneid, Virgil describes the Alpheus as flowing under the sea to resurface at Ortygia on Sicily, or "so runs the tale".